What is Jasbindar’s approach?

Jasbindar’s approach addresses the softer, more intangible people issues translated to very practical and applied actions, strategies and processes.   The process  enriches individuals and organisations by providing a balanced and effective approach to individual performance and organisational growth.

By asking powerful coaching questions, Jasbindar is able to facilitate deep insights and useful perspectives. She helps senior executives clarify, crystallise and deepen their understanding of themselves and others to achieve results and high performance.  Jasbindar’s unique contribution is the ability to hone in on a given situation quickly and offer insights and feedback that have transformative power.

As one senior client put it , “you have the head of a scientist and the heart of a poet!”  The journey is as much a reward as the outcome.

The integrated model for achieving performance, growth and balance

While there is no shortage of “intellectual smarts” (IQ) and physical energy and resilience (PQ), the added value Jas brings is in harnessing the intangible and what maybe present but not obvious.  Jasbindar is passionate about developing greater EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence or wise and authentic choices and decision-making) capability in her clients.


SQ values inter-relatedness and long-term relationships

SQ’s approach helps people to develop meaningful and long-term relationships internally and with customers, suppliers, and even competitors. The fostering of trust, caring and other sound ethical virtues are held critical to developing authentic and ongoing relationships.

Ultimately, SQ is about fostering engagement, growth and sustainability at both individual and organisational levels.

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“Jasbindar is a strong business partner in change initiatives and has the proven ability to engage the hearts and minds of those involved. Jasbindar has in-depth experience in organisational development, delivering results that move the business forward.”
Gita Jayaram
GM – Human Resources
Sky City Ltd.