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Who are you prosecuting?

Having recently shared on the tyranny of being right,  Rick’s regular newsletter, “Just One Thing”   arrived in my inbox.  The topic “Who are you prosecuting?  was on a similar theme.    So what better delight than to share his … Continue reading

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COACHES: Have you heard about Conversational Intelligence®?

Have you heard about C-IQ yet? C-IQ, or Conversational Intelligence®, is a revolutionary coaching methodology developed by Judith E. Glaser that allows you to leverage the power of neuroscience to create rapid, transformational shifts with your clients. Soon, Judith will … Continue reading

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Mid-life, Neuroscience, Jung and Yoga – An interview with Dr. Dario Nardi

Dario Nardi, PhD is also the founder and CEO of Radiance House media and books. He is also a founder of UCLA’s Human Complex Systems degree program,   winner of UCLA’s annual Distinguished Teaching award, and author/coauthor of numerous books including Neuroscience … Continue reading

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How to be More in Control of Your Stressors and Keep Your Cool

Can you recall the last time you got “triggered?” Perhaps it was a throwaway line by a colleague, the sudden changed reaction of someone you were in a conversation with or the family member who appears to be forever taking … Continue reading

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Why Gratitude is Good for You!

It is that time of the year!  If you are like many of my clients, you may be feeling low energy, tired, even exhausted after the considerable output of this year.  And you won’t be alone in needing time to just … Continue reading

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Quality Conversations: Alchemy for cultivating a healthy, thriving organization

Every person has instincts for greatness. We instinctively want to do well, to contribute, and to be included on the winning team. No one needs to teach us to have these desires; they are built into our DNA. Yet many … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Failure

Resilience means having the ability to bounce back from many of life’s setbacks and traumas we must endure over the course of our lives. Indeed, many successful people including those with great inventions have done exactly this. Think of Thomas … Continue reading

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