Vision & Values

The SQ Vision

A leading business psychologist and leadership coach who partners with senior executives to help them achieve their vision and goals. This coaching process enables the clients to step up by deepening their ‘self’ and ‘other’ awareness, building positive stakeholder relationships and increasing personal and organisational effectiveness.

An author and speaker who inspires others to connect with their sense of meaning and purpose, be the best they can be and in turn be personally fulfilled as well as being of service to others.

The SQ Values

The 7 core principles driving the SQ business model include:

  • Alignment – between personal and organisational values
  • Balance – acknowledging the need for balance in our lives for sustained performance
  • Confidentiality and Sensitivity – applying honesty and empathy to build relationships and reach deeper understanding
  • Creativity – the place of inspiration, intuition and passion in the transformational process
  • Growth and Evolution – by being on a journey of discovery and embracing challenges and translating it into opportunities
  • Respect and Dignity – treating and valuing others with care and due regard
  • Spiritual Truths and Virtues – the operation of universal laws and principles and virtues such as wisdom, compassion, fairness, integrity and fun

“The spiritual dimension is your core, your centre, your commitment to your value system. It is a very private area of life and a supremely important one. It draws upon the sources that inspire and uplift you and tie you to the timeless truths of all humanity. And people do it very very differently.”
– Steven Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people

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