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Dealing with Global Mobility

Living in my own culture was like being a fish in water, swimming with the flow of things. It was only when I had to live and interact with another culture that I became conscious that there were other ways … Continue reading

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Inclusivity in diversity paves the way

There is energy and vibrancy in the air. The sun is about to set but this signals even more adventures to come. The night is just beginning for all the thrill-seekers, celebratory parties and even the odd, quiet observer like … Continue reading

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How embracing ambiguity can lead to more creative solutions in leadership

As human beings we like having a sense of predictability and control.  And yet,  currently in business – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are all too prevalent. The good old “cookie cutter” solutions just don’t fit anymore as leaders are … Continue reading

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7 cross-cultural insights for business success

The business world is now more connected than ever before. And companies with global operations have executives who are doing business with new emerging markets – different countries with diverse cultural groups of locals and other international executives.  While the … Continue reading

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