Gratitude: The Little Joys of Life

coffeeThis morning I went to one of my locals to get my morning fix. One of the little joys about life that I am grateful for is my morning coffee (and on some days, for variety, ginger chai!)

I discovered last week that I really liked their mocha so here I was, back for another, with the newspaper clutched under my arm.

It was a delight when the mocha arrived. The design above was made by Sam the barista.  He did this with such care and devotion despite the café being at maximum capacity and customers spilling out on the street.

Feeling Gratitude and Savouring

Positive Psychology has done a lot of research in the area of gratitude and the importance of savoring special moments in our daily experience without being in such a rush that we totally miss 1

Savouring is a way to maximize the potential benefits that positive experiences and emotions can have on our lives.

Gratitude research has shown that grateful people are found to feel more optimistic, have lower blood pressure, have more positive thoughts, our immune system is more robust and we are more compassionate and forgiving.

Gratitude can also be about what we give; not just receive.

As a manager or leader, how are you showing your gratitude and appreciation to  your team members, colleagues or customers?

A reminder for you

During your busy week, keep an eye for the unexpected moments of delight and joy…..moments and experiences which can be savoured and leave you feeling upbeat.  And then remember to share by giving back to those around you!

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