Are You Going through a Major Life Transition?

Life changes can catch us by surprise.

Are you feeling a tad restless, frustrated, anxious or down and depressed?

It is quite likely that you are going through a life transition but perhaps haven’t recognized the fullness of it.

Like it or not, our lives is a series of change and transitions.

Recognising and understanding the nature of such transitions can help reduce some of the angst and resource us to adapt faster and take positive action as we step into the changed or new future.

Here are some signs that you may be going through a major life transition:

1) You are no longer satisfied with what used to before

2) You are feeling restless, unease and out of sorts

3) There is a sense of dis-connect with people and other areas of you life

4) You find yourself wishing you were somewhere else or doing something different

5) You have had an awakening as to how short life is

6) You feel like you are getting old and there is not enough time

7) You find yourself thinking, “Is this all there is?”

8)  Suddenly you are doing things you have never done before

9)  Friends have commented on your sudden change in behavior and jokingly say that you are having a mid-life crisis.

10) You feel stuck in a rut

11) You mood is one of hopelessness, helplessness or depression

12) You have low energy, lack of focus and feel lethargic

13) You are comparing yourself to family and friends and feel like you have not done as well as them or as you would have liked to

14) You might find yourself getting irritable and short and blaming others such as your long term partner for your current situation

15) Your consumption of alcohol or other drugs has increased

16) You are now looking at the opposite (or same) sex especially those much younger than you with renewed eye and interest

17) You are tempted or have already had an affair

18) You are spending up large to make you feel good about yourself

19) Exercising to keep yourself looking young is a new routine

20) You are dreaming and thinking of ways to escape the monotony

21) You are seriously looking into doing things you have always wanted but pushed back for ‘good reasons.’

Life transitions can feel challenging at the time but they can also be a pre-cursor to new beginnings including a greater sense of well-being, happiness and life satisfaction. We get clearer about our what we want in life, what works, what does not and we are more able to take action accordingly!


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