Have You Got the End-of-Year Career Blues?

Change ahead warning signAre you suffering from the end-of-year career blues? Are you questioning “can I bear to have a repeat of this year” and the answer and inner knowing is a definitive NO!

We naturally get a bit more reflective as the year ends – thinking about our lives in a more holistic way than we have had time for during the busy year of deliverables.

As our jobs, business, relationships and careers come into greater focus, we ask ourselves whether we doing what we truly want to be doing? These questions can also feel scary as they raise the issue of how resonant, fulfilling and aligned our work is with our deeper self or calling.  You may even be questioning what the latter is for you.

If you are like some of my recent coachees who have wanted to discuss strategies for moving forward, then I have a special offer for you later in the blog.

But for now youchained c may wish to check-in with the questions under the following six areas to gain clarity and focus.



1) Signature Strengths

Are you using your strengths in your current job? Just because you can do something well, doesn’t meant you should keep doing it, especially if this is leaving you feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.

Are there other strengths you have which are untapped or waiting to be expressed more fully? Are you even clear about what these are?

2) Interests

Are you using your signature strengths and talents in a way that you enjoy doing? For example, you may be someone who likes to have lots of contact, exchange and collaboration with  people including customers, team members and across the organization, yet your job is much more data and information oriented and this requires you to mostly work by yourself?

Is there a good degree of match between what you like to do and where you are doing this?

3) Values

Do you know what really matters to you in the guiding pillars of your work and life? Are you able to use your key values in the service of the work you are doing?

For example, if your core values are creativity, autonomy and innovation and you are working in a job where there are defined systems and processes, there will naturally be dis-ease and a values clash.

A powerful exercise is to identify  your top 5 values, even top 3 and find ways of exercising this in what you do.

4) Culture Fit

From time to time, I have seen clients who are clear about the above but the organizational culture is just not a good fit for them. While culture is made up of so many things – values, beliefs, history, leadership, prevailing stories, attitude toward customers and employees, brand reputation, valued artifacts and heroes, myths and stories – it either works for you or it doesn’t.

We are our best when we work in cultures that mostly support our natural strengths, talents, values, work ethic, vision and aspirations.

 How would you rate your cultural fit?

5) Relationship with Immediate Manager

What is your relationship like with your manager? Do you feel supported in your role? Are your ideas values and do you have clarity about what you do and how it fits into the larger organizational goals? Do you understand their leadership style and how to work best with it?

Check that you also understand your manager’s needs and expectations, goals and objectives as well as strengths, weaknesses and blind spots and are supporting them with these.

6) Work Engagement

Is there potential for your career aspirations to be met in the current role and company? For instance, is there a sufficient level of challenge, autonomy, learning opportunities and room for progress?

Have you had an open discussion or a coaching conversation with your immediate boss and have you been satisfied with the discussion?

Get known as someone who can be counted upon to deliver the agreed outcomes and also let your manager know what you development goals, needs and aspiration are.

Finally, remember this is your one, unique life journey so stop comparing with others’ paths.

Keep stepping out and staying true to what feels right and is wanting to emerge from within and that which the market place needs. Then do what it takes to give that life and have it best serve you,  your clients and the community.



If you find yourself resonating with the above post, I  am offering a current career review and forward planning strategy session to help next year be a more aligned and fulfilling one.

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Jasbindar Singh is a business psychologist and executive coach who loves working with people to create positive shifts.

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