How to Have Greater Leadership Impact

Do you sometimes struggle to get heard and taken more seriously?

Are you left questioning as to how you can influence your boss (or another stakeholder) more effectively?

Is influencing those you have to work with and yet have little authority over a challenge?
(Even more so now if you are working remotely!)

Is your more introverted nature getting in the way of you having your rightful ‘air time?’

Or perhaps the person you need to influence the most is yourself?

Well – these were the very statements made by over a hundred managers and emerging leaders in response to my question:

“What is a skill that you need the most in your leadership journey right now?”

These managers and leaders wanted to be acknowledged and taken seriously.

They wanted to grow their confidence and become better communicators and influencers. They wanted to be seen, recognised for their strengths and have a more significant leadership impact.

The more I heard about these issues, the more I thought about putting together a program that would let me help others using the experiences that I’ve had both personally and professionally.

As a female, growing up in an Indian family, I had to learn to find my voice.

Professionally – as a clinical and then an organisational psychologist, I have worked with both corporate and SME managers and leaders overcome their barriers and create greater leadership impact.

The feedback I received – as per above – led me to do some pilot courses designed to help upcoming managers and leaders who were eager, talented and motivated and who were keen to develop themselves.
So, let me pause here and check-in with you.

Bring a stakeholder to mind that you would like to influence the most.

With that stakeholder in mind, answer the following:

What do I need to learn that will help me the most in influencing them?

If you (or someone in your network) is interested in solving this problem, drop me a note and let me know if you would like more on this topic.


P.S. Get your free copy of your Stakeholder Analysis Template. This will help you prepare well as you consider aspects from the perspective of your stakeholder before your presentation to them.

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