3 top tips for re-creating inspiration and engagement

MotivationDoesn’t it feel great when we are inspired, uplifted and on top of our game? But it’s not always like this.   There are times in our lives when inspiration is lack luster and questions abound – from the more superficial to fundamental ones like the very purpose of being and what we are doing.  We may be lacking motivation, feeling tired and just not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Inspiration can also be hard to find when one is going through a life transition.  One can rightly expect clarity of purpose and direction to desert us.   Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are in this process and we may be left questioning why the old ways of operating are just no longer working as well.

Conversely, when we feel inspired, we are energized – there is fire in our bellies.  Creative endeavours have at their very source some form of inspiration which helps start, then propel one’s efforts and vision forward.  Inspiration fuels passion and creates engagement.

So take a minute and check yourself – what is the reading on your inspiration gauge currently?  Is it low, medium or high?

If it’s on the low side what can you do to boost your inspiration?

Here are three things you may wish to consider ranging from the big picture to the more immediate needs –

  1. Take a helicopter view of your life including work.  What is the framework or big picture that gives meaning to your work and life? The SQ perspective is about having a clear understanding about what it is that you are doing and why. What makes it worthwhile for you to get out of bed in the mornings?  My clients’ responses ranged from learning and developing, enjoyment of making money, having fun, challenging oneself to making a difference. Re-visiting the big picture reminds you of what is important and why you are doing what you are doing. If it’s a particular project, remind yourself of why you may have started it in the first place.
  2. Re-visit your vaues and align your current activities with your short, medium and long-term goals. Are you clear about your value base? When was the last time you re-visited your values?  Some of our values change with time. For example, fun hardly registered in my top five value set but now fun and adventure are right up there along with integrity, learning,  family and contribution. When we feel we have lost our mojo or are in need for inspiration, often times we have stopped living from our values.  Are your core values your touchstone still?  Actions arising in alignment with your values also provide synergy and help focus direction.  What are some short term wins and fun you can have along the way? What might inject some energy and “oomph” to what you are doing?  Then set your short, medium and long term intentions and or goals accordingly.
  3. Manage the ‘now’ well.  In being on the go, have you sacrificed the basics such as your exercise routine, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep and quality sharing with loved ones? Be conscious of your own physiology and emotional needs and plan accordingly.  Putting the basics in place tends to restore energy, a sense of balance and deeper fulfillment.

“Most importantly, do something every day that you thoroughly enjoy!   And take time out to celebrate milestones and achievements along the journey.”

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