Learn Coaching Skills from Google’s Coach and the ICF Co-Founder

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your path to becoming a GREAT coach? A way to learn secrets master coaches wish they knew when they first started, without taking decades to get there?

The Foundations of Great Coaching: Start Fast Masterclass featuring Google’s David Peterson and ICF Co-founder David Goldsmith is starting soon!

Secure your seat for the Masterclass here

This is your opportunity to learn live from two of the industry’s greatest thought leaders who are passionate about helping good coaches develop masterful skills to handle difficult and emerging client challenges.

In this no-cost masterclass, David & David will show you how to:

  • Position yourself powerfully to stand out as a corporate coach
  • Stay on the leading edge of coaching to future-proof your practice
  • Get to the heart of client challenges in less time
  • Use speed in engagements to build trust and rapport

If you’re ready to accelerate your coaching from good to GREAT, join me at this session.

Secure your seat for the Masterclass here


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