Mid-life: What New Seeds are Wanting to Emerge?

Sometime, somewhere, you wake up to life.

You are going along in life and then either gradually or very suddenly the axis on which life was moving completely changes.

Perhaps it is slow and gradual like the growing sense of dissatisfaction with what used to give you pleasure, to sudden changes in relationships, health or job status.

You’re left wondering what happened; you try to ‘force’ things to work the same way as they used to but it doesn’t work.

Add to this confusing mix your heightened feelings of frustration, anxiety, low energy or morale, depression, fear and anger.

And then, not surprisingly, you can be left feeling disoriented as you try to figure out what happened so you can get back some semblance of order.

It’s what happens to many at mid-life.

You awaken to how short life truly is and that life is REALLY not a dress rehearsal -this is a one act show.

You have many more years behind you than in front and realize how precious and perilous life on planet earth really is now.

As my friend said the other day while we were out walking: I’m really not ready to go just yet.”

She’s right of course but she too knows we all have to go.

There’s no escaping this reality but we can turn this reality on its head

With the precious little time we have left, why not give it our all. Take every chance. Do what we’ve always wanted to do but have sidelined those dreams, though dreaming and acting on them may be part of this new life.

Only you know what this means for you.

P.S. If there is something you have not yet given full acknowledgement or expression to, what might this be?

P.P.S What might you do differently now?

P.P.P.S. Who might you share this with?

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