The Power of Rituals

With time I have come  to appreciate the power and value of rituals.

This morning as I climbed the steps at the gym I appreciated the familiarity, comfort and regularity that this ritual provided.

Becoming a life member at the gym at the then lowish prices, some 20 years back,  has to be one of the best investments I ever  made.  Over the past year, the ritual of seeing my ” instrutor gostoso”  has also kept me on track!  Catching  up with my colleague and friend after the  workout is another comforting and supportive ritual. I’m aware there has been an absence of this ritual as she is currently in New York looking after her ailing mother.

So how about you?  What are some rituals that enhance your life? Whether in
work, business or personal life, positive rituals help ground us, advance
our intentions and goals and lift our spirit.

What are some rituals that nurture and nourish your life?

Jasbindar Singh is a business psychologist who loves helping her clients become more of what they desire!


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