Leadership Call: The time is Now

How many times have you really wanted to do something – take your leadership the next step up, follow your heart’s desire, committ to a new goal but have shied away?  Pulled back because you felt you weren’t ready, the time wasn’t right or you got distracted from what really mattered?

It is one thing, if there were legitimate reasons for not taking action. However, many a time, we have also not done what we really wanted or taken that next step because of our limiting self-talk and underlying beliefs.  Thinking and beliefs like – “I just need to do one more course before I am ready” (then another and another!); “can I really do that” or “what if it doesn’t work out?”

We talk ourselves out of things even before we begin.  Our dreams, desires or goals beckon but we don’t honour them sufficiently; instead – prioritizing it to a vague another day, another time, maybe never.

But what if this was the only time you had and the time is now?  Last week while having coffee with my friend and colleague, Amanda Fleming and discussing our work and business, we both agreed that, “the time is now.”   This is also a sentiment I have heard echoed with my clients, colleagues and friends.  Perhaps it’s a gift of the aging process, a recognition that we need to move and do what it takes if we want to give our dreams, aspirations and inner knowing a chance.  There is potency as we realize that life is not limitless and we feel compelled to give it the best shot we can; whatever it takes.

Interestingly studies have also shown that when older people were asked about their regrets, their answer was not what they did but more what they didn’t do.  From a mindfulness practice, the time is indeed now as this is the only moment we get to live in and experience.  And in the moment, as Eckhart Tolle says – there are no problems or issues; only awareness.

So how about you? 

1) Is there something you would love to do or be but you are putting this off and have been doing this for a while now?

2) If the time is now, what might you do that you aren’t doing currently?

3) What might you commit to and what might you let go off?

Regardless of our age – the time is now – so give it all you got!

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Jasbindar Singh is a coaching psychologist and leadership development coach based in Auckland, NZ.

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