What is the one thing if you did would make a real difference to you?

In coaching, it becomes evident that often it is NOT that the talented executives do not have the answer but more – they are not practicing ‘IT’ – whatever this happens to be for them. This gap between knowing and not doing gets put down to a number of reasons – not having time, not making a serious commitment and or having a plan.

Our default patterns are not always the best ones.  According to Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach to over 150 CEOs and their teams and author of  32 books including the very readable and thought provoking  “Mojo “our default response in life is to experience inertia.   In other words, our most common everyday process – the thing we do more often than anything else  – is to continue to do what we’re already doing.”

 The longer these important things are put off and or avoided, the easier it becomes to stay in the groove of the known rather than step out in do what is required. And yet when we do take action the sense of progress, breakthrough and results feel totally pleasing!  These feelings are even more accentuated when these actions are in aligment with our bigger sense of  meaning and purpose.

So the question for you is, ” What is the one thing if you did would make a real difference to you?”

As managers and leaders, this is also a great question to ask your direct reports in your coaching session with them. The range of answers I have received to what can be a game changing question include:

– take out more time for reflection
– leave the office by 5pm two nights a week
– work from home x number of days (or half-days) a week
– inspire and encourage more – acknowledge my people more for their specific actions
– show my authentic self more at work
– speaking my truth; not addressing what is getting in the way
– get back into my fitness regime
– engage my people more by talking about what is important to them and how  what they are doing now links into that ( or not!)
– time management to focus on the ‘big rocks’
– letting go, creating a ‘not to do’ list; delegate more
– not ‘lose it’ when under pressure

What is yours and when are you taking action on it?

Jasbindar Singh is a leadership coach who helps managers and leaders ‘sharpen their edge”  and get  the best from themselves and their teams.


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