Leadership bumps – why these can be good for you!

Speed Bump Road SignBumps, jolts, or experiencing the unexpected can actually be good for us although it may not feel like that at the time.

Have you heard a bump or jolt lately? A bit of a shake up if you like? Perhaps things are not quite going as you would have liked? What you got was different from what you had planned, desired or expected?

This is the nature of life. Sometimes despite putting in our best effort, things just do not go our way.

Think Emirates  Team New Zealand and what a turn around from the first half or so of the America’s cup races.

In business and our personal lives experiencing bumps can turn out to be a good thing.

It forces us to re-visit our premises and goals. If allows us to re-group as we assess what is still working and what isn’t and the necessary tweaks, adjustments and adaptations we need to make.

Where have you experienced a dip or bump lately? ( You may choose to use a different word here that holds more meaning for you).

What if instead of fighting with this reality, you shifted your perspective to seeing this bumpy experience as the necessary nudge or gift, which is more congruent with your higher self? What and where might you course correct a bit or a whole lot more?

Successful leaders are always course correcting. Are there aspects of your business, culture or strategy that need re-visiting?

Or perhaps it is in your style of leading or leadership that needs some refinement?

Sometimes too, bumps are not of a seismic nature but more subtle. It can be that sense of discomfort or psychic dis-ease that something is up.

Notice the signs and listen to the voice of these fleeting whispers and any body sensations you may be experiencing – it can make all the difference between being active and proactive or reactive and responding.

Bumps might just be your friend – alerting and guiding you to your better future.

Jasbindar  Singh is a leadership coach and business psychologist helping managers and leaders transition through bumps with  greater resilience including a focus on lessons learnt.

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