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How Much Do You Own Your Strengths?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. But how much do you fully OWN your strengths? If you don’t do this, there are likely to be good reasons here. These can include our earlier conditioning, fear of failure, and perhaps being … Continue reading

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Watch Your Inner Saboteur

Are you hampering your success or perhaps the next move by focusing on what you don’t have rather all that you do? Is there a strong heartfelt desire, a felt sense, calling or aspiration which,  as yet remains unfulfilled? If … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to those Weak Signals

Weak signals; powerful message. A lot of the times the answers we are seeking are right there. But we don’t have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear. In fact, we override what our senses might be picking … Continue reading

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Compassion and Gratitude

One of the hardest things in life can be confronting our own self. This is the sense of existential angst – regardless of who you are and what you have in life. Coming face to face with oneself in the … Continue reading

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Leadership bumps – why these can be good for you!

Bumps, jolts, or experiencing the unexpected can actually be good for us although it may not feel like that at the time. Have you heard a bump or jolt lately? A bit of a shake up if you like? Perhaps … Continue reading

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What makes for great leadership?

There is so much rhetoric in leadership but from time to time we get to see and experience what great leadership is. These are moments, events and time in our lives when we feel touched, moved and inspired because we … Continue reading

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How does your past influence your leadership today?

I was reminded yet again the power of our conditioning and the conditioned mind.  This is a good thing if our conditioning and framework is a positive one.   But this isn’t always the case.  I had dealings with two wonderful … Continue reading

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10 tips to enhance your leadership EQ

Leaders have to inspire, challenge and lead others.  Your people will be asking themselves, “Why should I follow him or her?”   In order to be an engaging leader you need to understand and harness the best of your people.  Emotional … Continue reading

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Looking to live a life of greater meaning and engagement?

It’s the time of the year when we are reviewing our lives including the work we do. If you are feeling unfulfilled and wanting to live a life of greater meaning, the following eleven questions will help. If you are … Continue reading

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Are you leading with a sense of entitlement?

Whether you are a manager, leader or an employee, having a sense of entitlement can be a dangerous thing. I am not referring to certain entitlements we all have as per legal, contractual or basic moral rights. But more the … Continue reading

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