When to Use an Executive Coach


From time to time, I am approached by managers and leaders who are wondering if executive coaching will benefit them with their career and business goals.

When to use coaching?

The reasons for working with an executive coach are just as diverse as the organisations and individuals within them.

Some of the scenarios could involve:

  • Being a new leader. You are new in a role and are keen to make your mark by navigating the uncharted waters in the most effective and powerful way you can.
  • New to the industry. You may be new to the industry and are feeling your way, while the experienced members of the team who have been with the company a long time are subtly putting on the pressure for you to prove yourself.
  • Leadership style. Your CEO wants you to work on your leadership style. For example, it may have been described as too aggressive, autocratic, cold, not connecting with the team, or too laid back.
  • Team and organisation development and growth. You are faced with other organisational challenges such as having to build broken trust, or are passionate about building an aligned and high performing team and a great culture.
  • Blind spots. You are astute enough to know there maybe things you don’t know, you don’t know and would like to be on top of these
  • Personality clashes. You are having personality clashes with certain members of the team.
  • Life balance. You love your job but want more life/work balance.
  • Diversity. You have to deal with a diverse workforce, culturally and geographically.
  • Need a trusted advisor.You may wish to have a confidante and sounding board – it gets lonelier as you go up the pyramid.
  • Transitions – You may be going through personal change or some form of transition in your role or perhaps planning to exit from the job itself.
  • Outstanding results.You love the job, the industry you are in and the values that your company stands for. You would like to translate your high level of motivation and commitment into outstanding results!

“We have a measure of choice and control over what we are aware of, but what we are unaware of controls us.”
-John Whitmore

If you are wondering where to begin this personal journey – you may wish to dentify and focus on those areas that will have the ‘biggest bang for you buck’ so you can see the results of your coaching investment.

In an organisational setting your manager will no doubt have a strong input in your areas of development.

In future articles I will focus on some coaching interventions and tips that have helped clients achieve their goals.


As a leadership coach, team facilitator and speaker, I love working with savvy and competent managers and leaders who are technically competent but need to enhance their self awareness to build teams that hum and have greater leadership and entrepreneurial impact.


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