Executive Coaching Leadership Development

How are you growing and developing as a leader?

What does the leadership coaching programme cover?

Jasbindar_20Working with senior executives to develop leadership skills and a deeper awareness. Covers self and “other” awareness, understanding own leadership style, strengths and blind spots, dealing with different styles, getting the best from teams, being a sounding board and developing authentic leadership.

What is Executive Coaching?

It is a consultative process that helps unleash your potential and maximise your performance. It helps you achieve your goals sooner and more effectively by providing new insights, a clearer focus and ongoing support. My 100% committment to you is to assist you in being the best you can be.

How does it work?

The SQ process unblocks pathways to greater effectiveness and better performance. It involves asking relevant and advancing questions. This generates awareness and openness to previously unconsidered possibilities.

My approach is somewhat unique because it is a holistic one that encompasses the best of psychological principles about human dynamics combined with management realities and spiritual truths. Your whole person is engaged in the process including your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects.

I go beyond mere coaching by generating new and previously unknown insights – a true process of creative discovery to advance your personal and professional goals.

One of my gifts is in being able to ask powerful questions, generate insights, connect the dots, make the covert, overt and create new possibilities.  And through this process, we are able to create shifts from where you are currently to where you would like to be.

The process can include 360-degree feedback from your colleagues, boss, subordinates and even customers and suppliers. This needs to be handled gently and sensitively because, as humans, our ‘egos’ can get in the way. As a coach, I am at times giving feedback on ‘touchy issues’ such as your management or leadership style and your approach to life and other people.

Words frequently used by clients to describe how they experience their coaching with me:

  • Insightful and deep
  • Credible professional with integrity
  • Challenging yet supportive
  • Positive and caring
  • Growth and development
  • Sense of humour!

What makes coaching successful?

For coaching to work there has to be a certain level of chemistry and rapport between the two parties. If this is missing and the process feels like ‘hard work’ then it is unlikely to work. Whilst trust takes time to develop and grow, there needs to be at least an initial sense of safety and comfort with each other.

Coaching is a constructive process to help you ‘do better’ and reach the next level of performance effectiveness. If you are like most people, you want to do a good job and learn new skills along the way. Skills that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. You will therefore be keen to integrate new insights and behaviours along the way.

What are the outcomes and benefits ?

An organisation’s sustainable edge is in having engaged, passionate and knowledgeable employees and and in creating effective relationships with its customers, business partners and employees. Executive coaching helps achieve this by resourcing it’s senior leaders.

What individual benefits can you look forward to?

  • Enhanced leadership style
  • Deeper self awareness
  • Greater alignment between who you are and what you do
  • Improved management performance and leadership effectiveness
  • Enhanced creativity to develop new ideas
  • Self development at a deeper level – personally and professionally
  • Prepared yourself for that next step up ( as many coachees have done to date – you can speak to them!)
  • A greater sense of confidence in self, role and delivery
  • Developed a greater sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Used Jasbindar as a confidante and sounding board – “gets lonely at the top”
  • Moved from effectiveness to greatness!

What are the organisational benefits?

  • Customised and targeted input
  • Enhanced leadership skills hand in hand with commercial realities
  • Built your intellectual and human capital
  • Improved organisational performance
  • Greater individual and organisational values alignment
  • Improved staff morale and fewer unresolved conflicts
  • Greater employee responsibility and ownership
  • Becoming an employer of choice through your commitment to your people

You are also very welcome to speak to any of my current or previous clients. Referees will be happily provided upon contact.

“Coaching … is about helping people learn so they can be the best prepared employees. Today managers add value by brokering with people, not building empires.”

Lawrence Bossidy
Former Chairman and CEO
Honeywell International Inc

Some examples…

  • Developing specific skills and insights to generate greater employee engagement
  • Enhanced “self” and “other” awareness leading to improved communication and positive relationships with colleagues, DR’s and CEO
  • Resourced and developed capability of senior executives to take their next step up.
  • Addressed blind spots as well as generated effective solutions where there were ongoing relationship or culture issues.
  • Organisational fit through values alignment. Rather than both parties feeling stuck and blaming each other, mutually acceptable outcomes for both employee and employer were mobilised.
  • Executives have been able to stand back and work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it.
  • 360-degree feedback unearthed views that client was not so tuned into previously. Resulted in behaviour change which improved credibility and performance.
  • Career development and life planning issues explored for better work/life balance.
  • Performance issues. Clients who previously had difficulty getting along with other members of the senior management team turned around their relationships.

Clients often talk about…

  • Acquiring new insights, skills and perspectives
  • Having more understanding about themselves and others
  • Having a greater repetoire of leadership styles to draw from
  • Changing their approach and attitude to a more winning style
  • Improving their relationships
  • Colleagues noticing and commenting on positive changes in them
  • Gaining clarity and adapting to new behaviours
  • Expanding their horizons
  • Feeling supported, well-resourced and more resilient
  • Being promoted to higher positions

I work best if you are willing to…

  • Be the best that you can be
  • Take an honest look at yourself and issues
  • Take responsibility
  • Advance from your current reality
  • Consider thoughts and ideas from other realms and beyond the square
  • Take on board change and responsibility
  • Have fun whilst working!

Some clients I have worked with…

  • Air New Zealand
  • Airways
  • A J Park
  • AA Insurance
  • APN
  • Auckland Council
  • AUT Centre for Innovative Leadership
  • ACP Media
  • Avery Dennison
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • BUPA
  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Chorus
  • Coca-Cola Amatil
  • Coca-Cola Oceania
  • DB Brewries Ltd
  • Deloitte
  • Department of Conservation
  • Eagle Technology
  • Fletcher Building
  • Fonterra
  • Gen-i
  • Institute for Strategic Leadership
  • Metrowater
  • Mobile Mentors
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Telecom
  • Television New Zealand
  • The Warehouse
  • Vodafone
  • Waitemata Health