Employee Engagement

What you do as a leader makes a difference.

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  • Are you getting the best out of your people?
  • Do you know what drives your people to perform?
  • The 6 things you need to know to get your people engaged.
  • How you can create a team that is fully engaged and committed.
  • What are the “3 musts” in engaging the hearts, mind and spirit of your people?
  • How to become an employer of choice and attract the best talent.

Managers and leaders so focused on their business objectives can lose sight of the “make or break” factors that will help achieve your goals – your people! Being able to harness the energy and talent of your people is critical to your success. Perhaps like some of my clients you are technically savvy but the people side is all a bit of a mystery to you! As one of my leadership coaching client said recently, “Jasbindar – these things just don’t come naturally to me!”  Or you appreciate the importance of people but just don’t naturally take time to think about and act on those “SABI’s” – small actions, big impact!

Research shows that engaged employees tend to be make significant financial and non-financial gains to a workplace and business. If you sense there is a gap in your team between where things are and where they could be, Jasbindar can help you. She has assisted clients create positive shifts in their team engagement results, as documented by external employee engagement surveys and bottom-line results through changing their leadership behaviour. Engaged workers create the following:

  • Greater teamwork
  • More loyalty
  • Fun factor

The business tends to be more:

  • Productive
  • Profitable

Managers and leaders that make a difference, make a profit! Engaging your employees is not rocket science but requires a conscious effort to engage in those small yet simple behaviours, which make all the difference.

Ask yourself, how often or how well do I…

  • Really know my people?
  • Talk to my people about their dreams and aspirations?
  • Communicate the vision to my team?
  • Provide clarity about their role and how it fits into the bigger picture?
  • Take action on roadblocks
  • Create an enabling culture where new things can be tried out?
  • Give positive and constructive feedback?

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“I have found the coaching sessions with Jasbindar invaluable as a means of stepping briefly off the day to day express train of business, looking in on how I’m dealing with the issues that I face, and consciously deciding on actions or behaviours that will improve how I deal with them. I have no doubt that my personal performance improvement, reflected in actual business outcomes and aspects such as the engagement of my team, has been in large part to the regular coaching sessions that we’ve held.”