Conflict Resolution

Resolving People Problems… We Get Results

Interpersonal relationships

  • Is there conflict in your senior leadership team? Or between a senior manager and their direct report?
  • Do you have two very bright and capable people who have a lot to contribute but are at loggerheads with each other?
  •  Is this tension affecting their productivity, working relationship and emotional state?
  • Are other team members also noticing this and feeling impacted upon in some way but are unable to do anything?
  • As their manager, are you feeling a bit stuck and wishing that they would behave like “two grown ups” and just get on with it?

Conflict and tension are inevitable in any relationship – business or otherwise.  The point is not that these tensions exist but how we deal with it. Research shows that Kiwi managers and leaders, compared to their global counterparts, lag in this area.  But there is a cost to this. For leaders it affects their credibility, team morale, and business results.   Avoiding conversations we need to have is not only emotionally and mentally draining – it also affects our sense of self-efficacy and well-being.

What doesn’t get spoken remains ever present and begins to define the relationship.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, then give us a call to have an initial chat to see how we could mobilise things for you and your team.

Performance and Communication issues.

Working with valued employees where there is a performance issue and interventions to date have not been effective. Shifting people by helping them remove any perceived or real blocks and eliminate the stuckness.

Some examples of clients…

– Auckland Council
– Department of Conservation
– Kidicorp
– Parliament
– PricewaterhouseCoopers
– Private clients
– Sky City Ltd
– The Warehouse
-Tonkin and Taylor
– Waitemata Health

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