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How to Quickly Get Back on Track When You Have De-railed

Have you de-railed in your tracks recently? You were going along just fine and then WHAMO! Despite all your good intentions, rigorous goal setting and solid commitment, you found yourself back to where you did not wish to be. Unwittingly … Continue reading

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Are you leading with a sense of entitlement?

Whether you are a manager, leader or an employee, having a sense of entitlement can be a dangerous thing. I am not referring to certain entitlements we all have as per legal, contractual or basic moral rights. But more the … Continue reading

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When is your strength “not a strength” and what to do about it

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. When we use our strengths to produce the desired results,  it gives us satisfaction and rewards us both emotionally and financially. Our signature strengths enable us follow our natural interest and passion, do our … Continue reading

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How you can avoid career de-railment

Career derailment is a common theme in the modern work place today.  I have coached clients who were seemingly “hot property” one day only to find themselves in the scrap heap the next.  It can leave  one feeling totally confused and … Continue reading

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