What STOPS You Even Before You Get Started?

Goal setting and New Year seem to go hand in hand. We reflect on the year that was – including our successes and half complete or barely touched goals.

And based on this, we get busy setting some new goals. But before you do this, I would like to invite you to think about the year with a different lens. A lens that simultaneously has a STOP – START filter.

While it is not too difficult identifying the new behaviours that need a greater implementation focus from us, we also need to consider the behaviours, attitude and beliefs, which are currently competing with our intentions with perhaps an even greater sway!

As an example, take my intention of, “Doing the important restorative things first in my day.” While I could focus on what this alone, it is also critical for me to note what currently gets in the way of doing this.

The temptation of checking emails before doing my 10-minute stretch routine, meditation or exercise can take me off course. Alternatively, once I switch on the hot water jug, the temptation of the morning coffee fix (Oh that smell…) can totally overwhelm the goal of doing the other more restorative and activities as per plan.

A simple enough example but we all have our version of things we want to achieve but allow ourselves to get hijacked by competing activities which while important could be scheduled after.

So what is your example? How might you use this STOP-START filter?

As a psychologist and executive coach, I know that behavior change is not easy.

Well-intentioned goals and plans go awry as some of our old habitual ways of being and responding kick in having carved deep grooves in our brains.

And of course, the even more important driver here – the conscious or unconscious beliefs that lurk underneath. This will be another blog!

So how about you?

What sequencing of activities are you going to focus on which will help you foster new habits and create greater success with your New Year goals?  For me, coffee will have to wait 10-minutes. I think I can manage that!

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