Authentic Leadership: Your Emerging Story


People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end.  They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.
– Steven Spielberg

Growing up as young kids in a fairly traditional family and in a small town, we had no voice.

And like many others, throw in the cultural and gender mix, the spoken and even more powerful non-verbal messages of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable or not, our identity takes shape along the lines of what we have imbibed.

And what we have internalized may not be a true reflection of who we are at all or what our capability is!

Finding your Authentic Self

The journey of finding our authentic self – our voice and identity is not always a conscious and planned process.

It is more likely to be organic and evolutionary, as our internalized messages including the sub-conscious ones stay sub-merged while driving our behaviour.

And even as we become conscious of these, it does not just change overnight or even months or years.

It takes time, experience, attention and intention and a growth mindset to begin to claim our authentic leadership and fully emerge with what is ours and what belongs to others.

As a leader, the journey of authentic leadership begins to unfold…..

…..An authentic self that is evolving warts and all whilst also beginning to shed the inheritance of others voice, image and expectations. 

The Gift of Our Challenges

While the above may have shaped our behaviour and attitude while at the same time suppressing other dimensions and qualities in us, ultimately THIS MAY BE OUR BEST GIFT YET.

It is the very challenges we endure that make us who we are – our resilience, kindness, compassion, drive, determination and other qualities we come to bear.

With passing time we also come to appreciate the gift that life is and all the people who our lives are weaved and inter-connected with.

There are many blessings and challenges. The endless bounty and the growth opportunities.  And just when we thought we were nearly there….there is more…

Your Story

We all have stories to tell.

How about you?  What is the essence of authentic leadership that you bring to your people?

What is your unique, magical – perhaps challenging at times story – which embraces your age, race, ethnicity, gender, place of birth and every other demographic and psychographic!

Your Emerging Self and Leadership

This blog is an invitation for you to step more into your true self.

An authentic self that is ‘holistically aware” (emotionally and spiritually beyond just the intellect ) that recognises the responsibility you have, your passion, core purpose and drivers and the interconnection we all have and how we impact each other.

Perhaps you see just glimpses of this currently or you are in touch more fully.

Perhaps there is a nagging sense that ‘there is more’ even though you may not be fully clear of what exactly this is.

HONOUR THIS as this is very likely your deeper self calling.

In time, this too will inform your authentic leadership.

It can take time to fully recognize and walk the path of its call and this is quite okay.  Because you are, at the very least, listening, taking ownership and giving your inner voice it’s due respect.

The path of authentic leadership is not a one-stop shop; it’s forever unfolding.

Live your best life yet!

As a leadership coach, team facilitator and speaker, I love working with organisations and savvy managers and leaders to grow their emotional intelligence (EQ/EI) and engage their teams better. I also speak to different audiences on such topics including finding and living our mojo, emotional intelligence and leadership and life transitions.

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