Coaches: Embrace team coaching to thrive in 2021

This post is to draw your attention to an upcoming complimentary team coaching and team coaching session from two of the industry’s best thought leaders.

Some years back, I attended a team coaching workshop by Peter Hawkins.   Peter’s  methodology embraced  a systemic ecological perspective to teams, organisations, leadership and coaching which was rather impressive and refreshing. I remember thinking what a difference it would make to organisations if more managers and coaches had exposure to Peter’s work.

David Clutterbuck’s workshops were also brimming with tools and and techniques for expanding one’s coaching skills and repertoire.

And now I am very pleased that they have teamed up to do a complimentarylive session:

Team Coaching Accelerator: Advance to the Leading Edge of Team Coaching and Team Leadership

This is your chance to learn live from 2 of the industry’s greatest thought leaders. Peter and David are passionate about helping coaches like us develop masterful skills to handle difficult and emerging client challenges.

Secure your complimentary seat for the LIVE accelerator

In this complimentary accelerator, you’ll learn:

•  Why team coaching is one of the fastest growing sectors in coaching
•  Why the “Heroic Leader” model no longer works in a VUCA world
•  The elusive nature of the “high performing team” and more constructive ways of thinking about performance
•  The exponential complexity of team coaching and how to reinvent yourself to effectively coach teams
•  To distinguish between team coaching and other interventions, such as team facilitation or team building

Gain valuable insight into the transitions necessary to move from 1-to-1 coaching to the much more complex world of team coaching. Ready to unlock a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork that’s vital to your future success? Join me at this session.

Register for the complimentary, LIVE Team Coaching Accelerator

Hope to see you there!

Nga Mihi

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