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Develop Your Coaching in 2020

Greetings! For the last seven years,  I have attended and promoted WBECS – the World Business and Executive Coach Summit and it has always proved to be a top learning opportunity. WBECS is a live, online summit featuring over 40 … Continue reading

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Dealing with Covid-19 and beyond

I wrote this blog in the early days of the lockdown. However, given the sense of overwhelm in adjusting to our dramatically changed reality, adding another blog just did not feel right. But when several people mentioned that they hadn’t … Continue reading

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5 Leadership lessons from the All Blacks Defeat

How thrilling it was watching the Rugby World Cup (RWC) held in Japan these past six weeks. As a nation, we felt proud of our boys – the incomparable All Blacks (Abs) in that famous black jersey. The possibility of … Continue reading

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Influence Skills Survey

The ability to influence and effect change in your stakeholder’s thinking, behaviour and actions is a core leadership skill.  As a manager and leader, to be able to inspire, motivate, and communicate with clarity and conviction towards a common goal … Continue reading

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Learn Coaching Skills from Google’s Coach and the ICF Co-Founder

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your path to becoming a GREAT coach? A way to learn secrets master coaches wish they knew when they first started, without taking decades to get there? The Foundations of Great Coaching: Start … Continue reading

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From Darkness to Light

Winter lingered like an unwelcome visitor, but finally, Spring arrived – one little step after another. Jasmine scented the air on crisp mornings in the lull between seasons; daffodils thrust dreary winter aside, lambs gambolled in Auckland’s Cornwall Park and in … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Own Your Strengths?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. But how much do you fully OWN your strengths? If you don’t do this, there are likely to be good reasons here. These can include our earlier conditioning, fear of failure, and perhaps being … Continue reading

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I don’t have time for this bs…….

The other day I had coffee with a university friend I had not seen for a while. In discussing what we were up to, I mentioned emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) as I was preparing a session on it. He … Continue reading

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Needing clarity? This will help….

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” ― John Dewey  Last week we spent two days with some upcoming leaders who are committed to developing and growing themselves as authentic leaders. We deliberately built-in time for reflection … Continue reading

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Finding Your Voice

I was recently working with a talented and empathic emerging leader who despite having all the required capability, was holding herself back. What a loss this withhold was to her team and organisation, not to mention her sense of confidence … Continue reading

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