Pay Attention to those Weak Signals

weak signalWeak signals; powerful message.

A lot of the times the answers we are seeking are right there. But we don’t have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear.

In fact, we override what our senses might be picking up and telling us because they often come in the form of weak or subtle signals.

These can be like fleeting whispers, a dis-ease, unarticulated perceptions, a gut feel that doesn’t go away and other below the surface ‘readings.’

Can you relate to any of these? What is a ‘weak signal’ for you currently which you might be ignoring?

I had a client who was feeling this strong intuitive pull towards academia. She found this odd as she was happy in her job and had no major plans to study or change her lifestyle.

Well – a few months on – her job was unexpectedly re-structured and she was left free to explore this academic pull. She ended up enrolling at University which was the last thing she had envisaged but she was extremely happy and it all made perfect sense for her when she did.

It is especially important to tune in to these weaker signals as they can be showing the way for the next steps or just becoming more whole.

My experience has been that people have often been in a ‘transition zone’ long before they fully own it.

If you pay heed to these signals, you are more likely to be proactive and more in the driver’s seat in navigating any change.

Of course, sometimes, due to unconscious bias, we even miss the strong signals!

Another exercise you may wish to do is to identify, list, write or share with someone close, those things which give you a sense of vitality, energy and passion.

These things could be a representation of a different part of your personality – sometimes experienced as weak or subtle signals – waiting for creative expression. Embrace these.

So now when you become aware of these weak signals – pay heed to it. It might just save you, your project or your relationship.

Attention first; action second!

Jasbindar is a leadership coach and speaker who helps executives harness the best of themselves and their teams.

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