Activating your human superpowers

This edited post is by guest blogger Amanda Fleming.The purpose of this article is to present you with an expanded way of thinking and feeling about yourself, and to offer a view of what the present ‘moment’ in our unfolding process as individual and species truly and realistically offers if enough of us only knew how to use it well.  I believe we have the power to co-create a future worthy of our greatest aspirations by allowing ourselves to be guided by our deepest yearnings.  This power is the great gift it is to be human and alive today.  It’s time to clean the lenses of our interior and see our world anew.  

A few suggestions for activating your superpowers.

Consciously choose to engage your will in your own evolution – say YES to your Self
NOTICE what you notice – feel your feelings and choose your actions – pay attention – get off autopilot!  Use “notice what you notice” as often as you remember and your growth will take off.  It’s a wonderful mantra that will provoke you so be sure to treat your results like organic fertiliser for your dreams
Get clear about a vision of your future that is so compelling you will be powerfully attracted and motivated to take action in that direction
• Understand the dynamic of ‘inner first – outer follows’.  Pay at least some attention to your interior life and watch it pay off
• Take full responsibility for your life and the choices you make as an adult (right or wrong…good or bad – own them, and choose again)
Understand you can learn – about anything.  Aristotle once said “The unexamined life is not worth living”.  Learn what shaped you and how you tick (warts and all).  Consider the environment you were raised in…how did it shape you?  Look objectively and accept that it was what it was.  Treat yourself as a learning topic you are keen to study.  It took everything you have experienced so far to get you to here. Celebrate that.
Suspend self-criticism and replace it with genuine curiosity and willingness to support yourself. Get on your own team
Ask for grace to be present in difficult situations
• Be present.  Accept what is.  Acknowledge the truth of your situations and make your choices consciously – you are responsible for them whether you accept that or not
• Choose to be open to releasing resentments, grudges, guilt or the unforgivable (you and others).  Notice what comes your way to assist
• Understand you are (and always have) done the best you can with the resources you have at any given moment in time.  As you grow your inner resources, your ‘best’ will grow in quality and value – and you’ll enjoy your self and your life more and more
• ‘Compost the crap’ in your life – especially the early stuff.  Unresolved early ‘stuff’ can be a handbrake.  Get expert help if you need it (you will know).  The results will fertilise your dreams of a new future
• “Love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing” (A Course in Miracles).  Understand that when you choose something in life, everything in the way MUST arise to be attended to.  We call these obstacles and challenges.
• Be still – in whatever way works for you.  There are plenty of meditation practices you can learn or just make time to be with yourself and allow your active mental realm to quieten and rest
• Journal – writing is a great way to express your inner thoughts and track your process/progress
• Let your creativity out.  It doesn’t matter how, just choose in a life affirming direction and you will be supported.  Nature seems to favour life so imitate nature
• Be coachable – we all have a never ending learning story if we want it
• Notice Nature.  Be more conscious in your relationships with our ‘other relations’ – animals and plants – do you respect them?  Allow yourself to notice and be more aware of your surroundings and the ways you interact with them.

Amanda Fleming is the Director of Presenter at Large Ltd, an organization dedicated to contributing to the evolutions of human consciousness in individuals  and organisations.

Here is the full version of Amanda’s excellent article. Enjoy activating!

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