Where does your consciousness reside?

For a long time, my loved ones were telling me that I should consider finding myself a “better” place to live. One that was more reflective of me rather than the smallish place I was living in.  The thing was it worked because it was small – easy upkeep, convenient to all the places that mattered to me including a short drive to the CBD and a brief walk to my favourite, local café!   The café sustained me while I was writing my book.    But they were right in that it precluded doing a number of other simple, joyful things such as sitting around with friends on the patio with sun, colourful pot plants and being able to enjoy the outdoors in a restful way. They called it my working pad.

Well last month – the unexpected happen!

I stumbled upon what feels like my dream home now.  It literally ticked all the boxes much to my amazement.  Most of all I love the mature trees (courtesy of the neighbours), variegated shrubs, flowers and fruit trees – all of which lend themselves to a plethora of birds, bees and butterflies.  I feel I am part of an amazing ecosystem and very much share the space with them. There is a strong feeling of interdependence, support and nourishment. This place truly feels like a gift and a blessing. And now I get what my loved ones were on about all these years!

for the Stakeholder Analysis Template

There have been some great lessons here for me. One is that we really need to pay attention when our own “attention” is being drawn to something that may not be quite in our radar at that time.  Whether in a leadership role or not, we can be inclined to brush these things off, shut the other person down or quickly form a judgment as to why it may not apply or be relevant to us or our business!  But in being open-minded and entertaining the possibility that there is perhaps a reality that is bigger than our current thinking we are then able to move outside of our comfort zone and take steps towards an even better future.  Our consciousness dictates our reality.

It is worth stepping back and examining our own thinking, especially our “givens” and any other fears that maybe lurking behind them.

Now I wish I had taken this step a bit sooner ….like only 5 or so years ago!

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7 Responses to Where does your consciousness reside?

  1. Congrats on your new home, Jas 🙂
    In terms of ‘thinking bigger’ – what about how we all live together here on Aotearoa?
    Check out TheAwarenessParty.com for some BIG ideas of how to move forward.

  2. Nice blog Jas and very open. Thank you for sharing. I agree our consciousness does dictate our reality – that’s a powerful thought. Consciousness and presence are closely related. My hope for these holidays was time with loved ones who were present, not “fiddling with stuff”. Now I’m on the holiday, I notice people are more present. Work eh? What does it do for our minds?

  3. Marian Kerr says:

    Wonderful news regarding your new home Jas.
    I love your concept of simple, joyful things. In the midst of all the busy-ness, and sometimes confusion, of modern life it is the simple, joyful things that ground us and enrich our lives in meaningful ways. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to make room for them and really appeciate them.

  4. Kathy Torpie says:

    Hi Jas,

    You’re right. This is much more a ‘home’ and much more a reflection of you!I am so happy for you! Let’s go out one day looking at furnishings and things for the walls and imagine all the different ways that you can put your very personal stamp on your new home. The best thing about ‘home’ is how it welcomes you back to you whenever you step through the doors.

  5. That is a real challenge for many of us Stephen. How do we keep grounded in the stuff that really matters and have our consciousness reside in that more, not just the functional matters of everyday life. This is certainly my intent for 2011 – being closer to the call of heart and spirit. And the new environment is a great facilitator of that.

  6. Love the comment that he best thing about ‘home’ is how it welcomes you back to you whenever you step through the doors. Thanks Kathy. And of course then there is the home within!

  7. jasbindar.singh says:

    Too true Marian. The simple joys in life are not only the most restorative ones but often free! The forever giving gifts and bounty of nature…..

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