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How managers can give and receive feedback more effectively

Giving and receiving feedback whether at work or home can be challenging. In the work setting, whether it is giving feedback during a “coachable moment” or a more formal context such as performance appraisal or review, there are some principles … Continue reading

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5 leading steps to moving beyond your comfort zone

Been out of your comfort zone lately? Can you recall how you reacted and its impact on your problem-solving or decision making? My business coaching client, the CEO of a SME, related the fascinating story of his recent trip to … Continue reading

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How to lead in times of crisis – 6 leadership lessons from BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward

In times of crisis, how a leader fronts and deals with the situation can either fan an already out of control situation or they can take full responsibility and become part of the solution. Sadly, BP’s CEO – Tony Hayward’s … Continue reading

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Could a lack of “self awareness” be holding back your career?

We have a measure of choice and control over what we are aware of, but what we are unaware of controls us. -Sir John Whitmore  We are more effective in life when we exhibit high levels of self-awareness.  Self-awareness, a … Continue reading

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What is Spiritual Intelligence or SQ?

We all know of intellectual intelligence (IQ) and more latterly, the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in health, happiness and work success but what about spiritual intelligence (SQ)?  While interest in IQ is nearly a century old, EQ’s place in … Continue reading

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Get better results through high employee engagement

If you were to pause and take a reading on the current levels of engagement in your team, what might you discover? How engaged are your people in the work they are doing?  Are they fully engaged in doing what … Continue reading

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