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Leadership: Seven Ways of Receiving Feedback that will Stall Your Career

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates Receiving feedback is not always easy. It is also normal and natural to feel uncomfortable and even defensive at such times. However, constructive feedback is also … Continue reading

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Watch Your Inner Saboteur

Are you hampering your success or perhaps the next move by focusing on what you don’t have rather all that you do? Is there a strong heartfelt desire, a felt sense, calling or aspiration which,  as yet remains unfulfilled? If … Continue reading

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Leadership: Manage Your Emotions

“Self-knowledge is something everyone can grasp. When you understand your emotions, you will have the capacity to understand other peoples emotions too.” Swami Suddhananda   The gift of emotions The spectre of emotions we experience is a true gift. Imagine … Continue reading

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ETNZ: What we can learn from Dean Barker and his team

The 34th America’s Cup – what times of great thrill, frustration and deep sense of loss we endured individually and as a nation. But we also saw what an engaged, high performing team and great leadership looks like. Here are … Continue reading

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What Adidas teaches us about leadership in brands

Brands are all about emotions.  Yes – emotions first, logic second.  The loyal supporters – fans, consumers or followers – are emotionally engaged with the brand story and will willingly give of their preference and pockets to their cherished brands. … Continue reading

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Handling workplace stress without jeopardizing your job or reputation

Tension, stress and relationship challenges are all part and parcel of life – work and home included. The key is not so much that these exist but how one deals with it. The thing to not do is  “blow up” … Continue reading

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7 cross-cultural insights for business success

The business world is now more connected than ever before. And companies with global operations have executives who are doing business with new emerging markets – different countries with diverse cultural groups of locals and other international executives.  While the … Continue reading

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Are you leading with a sense of entitlement?

Whether you are a manager, leader or an employee, having a sense of entitlement can be a dangerous thing. I am not referring to certain entitlements we all have as per legal, contractual or basic moral rights. But more the … Continue reading

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7 Insights into Employee Engagement

1. Employee engagement is a three-way process and requires responsibility, accountability and ownership from employer, employees and the organization.  We talk about employee engagement including the kinds of things employees need to feel engaged and what the managers and leaders … Continue reading

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How managers can give and receive feedback more effectively

Giving and receiving feedback whether at work or home can be challenging. In the work setting, whether it is giving feedback during a “coachable moment” or a more formal context such as performance appraisal or review, there are some principles … Continue reading

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