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How to Develop Yourself for Greater Leadership Success

Are you a new or emerging leader who is now on an upward leadership path? Perhaps you have been a competent technical performer, delivering  results as expected, but now you feel that something more is needed to take the next step … Continue reading

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What is Your Idea of SUCCESS in 2016?

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”  ― Leonardo da Vinci Success is something most human beings desire and gravitate … Continue reading

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Watch Your Inner Saboteur

Are you hampering your success or perhaps the next move by focusing on what you don’t have rather all that you do? Is there a strong heartfelt desire, a felt sense, calling or aspiration which,  as yet remains unfulfilled? If … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Failure

Resilience means having the ability to bounce back from many of life’s setbacks and traumas we must endure over the course of our lives. Indeed, many successful people including those with great inventions have done exactly this. Think of Thomas … Continue reading

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Inclusivity in diversity paves the way

There is energy and vibrancy in the air. The sun is about to set but this signals even more adventures to come. The night is just beginning for all the thrill-seekers, celebratory parties and even the odd, quiet observer like … Continue reading

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What is the one thing if you did would make a real difference to you?

In coaching, it becomes evident that often it is NOT that the talented executives do not have the answer but more – they are not practicing ‘IT’ – whatever this happens to be for them. This gap between knowing and … Continue reading

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The power of feedback in leadership development

Getting feedback may not always feel comfortable but it’s definitely a powerful ally and gift in the leadership journey.  Regardless of whether its formal or informal feedback – it invariably enables us to consider things which may previously have been … Continue reading

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Your Leadership Mantra for 2013

Some years back my colleague sent me an article by Guy Kawasaki’s  on mantra vs. mission statement.  Guy, a former Apple Evangelist and now a Venture Capitalist, is an ardent supporter of individuals and organizations having mantras rather than mission … Continue reading

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Sir John Whitmore on Coaching, Leadership and Change

Sir John Whitmore is a pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organisational change and works globally with international organisations and leading multinational corporations to establish coaching management cultures and leadership programmes.  He has written five books on leadership, coaching and sports, … Continue reading

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Dealing with Change

Nothing remains the same; everything changes! If you are going through a change or transition in your life, here are 10 tips that could help: 1) Acknowledge that you are going through a “transition phase” and give yourself time to … Continue reading

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